Our Technology

Incando’s DeepLightTM system combines a photosensitive drug with our patented wireless powering and light delivery implant technology to enable photodynamic therapy inside the body. This paradigm-changing method gives physicians a new tool to fight the most challenging internal tumors, starting with glioblastoma (GBM) in the brain.

The Science of Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy, or PDT, is a highly specific and robust light-based treatment for cancer. It is FDA-approved to treat surface conditions such as skin cancer and actinic keratosis. The patient takes a photosensitive drug which accumulates in the cancer cells, and Incando’s device activates that drug to kill the cells. The drug is otherwise bioinert and safe, and the use of targeted light further ensures that healthy cells in the body are not harmed.

Patented Technology

Incando has patented technology in the areas of both wireless power transfer and light delivery, that enable us to be the first company to build an implanted medical device for PDT. We call it the DeepLightTM platform.

Our technique, called repeated photodynamic therapy (rePDT), builds upon our patented wireless powering technology that enables the use of rePDT deep in the body. Our device is a biocompatible permanent implant that is small and battery-free, delivering rePDT only when needed in the physician’s clinic.

Incando’s implantable, rePDT system changes the paradigm of PDT by making it available for use against internal cancers in a repeated way. Incando’s DeepLight PDT system combines the precision of radiation therapy with the repeatability of a drug, with minimal side effects or toxicity for patients.

Our Product

Incando’s product builds upon decades of rigorous scientific research by the worldwide scientific community. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been researched and utilized successfully as a therapy to help thousands of patients. Its main limitation is that light does not penetrate very deep into the human body, and thus PDT has not been used against tumors deep inside the body. Incando is solving this challenge through our proprietary DeepLight™ platform, enabling light-based treatments to be used as part of the clinician’s toolkit against many more diseases.

To advance the science of light-based therapies, Incando has established a world-class animal preclinical testing facility as well as collaborations with major universities to study and publish to advance knowledge in the field.

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